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ProVote Sport

Professional Vote Count Presentations for ANY Sporting Club

ProVote is professional presentation software designed specifically for the counting and presentation of sporting clubs end of year best player votes.  Wheather you call it the MVP award, Best and Fairest award or Best Afield award, the actual presentation of the round by round votes can prove to be a very long and drawn out process detracting from your clubs Gala Event,  The Presentation Night.

The big league and major clubs spend thousands of dollars to have digital vote count presentations made that engage the audience and builds excitement and anticipation into the evening, while the smaller, local, Grass Roots Clubs are left to resort to the old white board and markers.  Apart from being  very time consuming and difficult to follow the old whiteboard is very hard to see even for a small audience.  

NOW with ProVote ANY Sports Club can have their own professional animated digital vote count presentations that are easy to use, easy to follow, easy to see, quick and engaging and best of all,  incredibly cheap, FREE , or even a valuable fundraising tool for your club.

Everything is done for you, Simply supply a simple spreadsheet of the votes and a link to your website and ProVote does the rest:

  • Custom design to suit your club (colour, theme and logos)
  • All additions and calculations for Progressive Totals and Leader-Boards
  • Name and Vote display animations
  • Leader-Boards AT EVERY ROUND
  • Quick and easy mouse click navigation

ProVote is the answer.  Now even the smallest of sporting clubs can have a professional (Custom Made) digital presentation to display at their clubs Gala Event and give their club champions the professional recognition that they deserve.  ProVote doesn’t cost thousands of dollars,  In fact it’s incredibly cheap, Designed and developed by a “Grass Roots Sports VolunteerFOR “Grass Roots Sporting Clubs”, ProVote is priced accordingly. ProVote Sport is a Customized, Professional,  Easy to Use, Interactive digital presentation that is easily displayed on a big screen tv or projector to make your clubs “Night of Nights” one to remember.


Apart from being incredibly cheap and easy to use to start with, ProVote could even earn your club money.  learn How..