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What is ProVote Sport:

ProVote Sport is a essentially a professional interactive digital PowerPoint presentation for the presentation of Sporting Clubs end of season best player votes.

What is required:

Simply send a copy of your Club / Sponsor logo, Your choice of colour scheme and theme (or a background image if you would like to supply your own) and simple spreadsheet of player names and votes per round, in the following format, Provote does the rest. We create all the round by round slides and animations and perform all the running total and leaderboard calculations and send you back a complete presentation based on your theme, logo and data, all Calculated, Formatted and ready to go. A leaderboard is available after every round that you can elect to show (or not)

eg spreadsheet format (Note:  Names will appear exactly as provided. ie If you would prefer “J Williams” instead of  “Jason Williams” then that is how it must appear in the supplied spreadsheet. It is advised to keep them consistent. )
An Excel Template File is available for download here Simply replace the sample data with your own and ProVote Sport does the rest.

Name R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 etc
Will Smith 5 3 6 2 1 4 6
James Bond 3 1 9 4 12 11 5
Frank Sinatra 12 2 15 9 7
Albert Einstein 2 7 6 6 8 4 5

What software do I need to run it:

You will require either Microsoft Power Point or Power Point viewer (Free Download) to view the show.

How long does it take:

If you have Pre-Registered Once we have received your data, specifications and payment you should have your final presentation within 1 to 3 days.  If you haven’t Pre-Registered it will be subject to demand.


ProVote presentations are custom designed to suit your club,  The themes on display on this site are a small sample of  Pre-Designed themes for demonstration purposes ,  You are welcome to request any of these or select one from our Theme Library (coming soon).   You are also welcome to supply your own background image if you prefer.