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ProVote Sport was developed by a Grass Roots Sports Volunteer FOR Grass Roots Sporting Clubs and as such is priced accordingly.  It is professional, efficient, engaging, accurate and couldn’t possibly be any easier to use.  You simply supply a basic spreadsheet of the round by round names and votes and ProVote does the rest.  You get a professional, interactive Power Point presentation, custom designed to suit your clubs logo and colors with all of the round by round names and votes calculated, animated, formatted and presented ready for the big screen. It comes complete with progressive totals along the way and leader-boards available after every round that you choose when to display.  Simple mouse click operation from start to finish puts you in full control. Slow it down to build the suspense, Pause for a break or display a leader-board after any round, it’s up to you.


ProVote also provides a professional medium on which you can also choose to incorporate sponsor logo’s or commercial advertising which could not only fully cover the incredibly low cost of the system but could actually prove to be a valuable fundraiser for your club.


It was developed for Grass Roots Sporting Clubs and at an incredibly low cost of  only $130au + GST should be within reach of them all.


Standard Presentation As above excluding sponsor logos $130 AU per team + GST
Sponsor Logo/s (Same for every round) Add $10 AU Total + GST
Sponsor Logo/s (Different for each round) Add $10 AU per round + GST