Professional Vote Count Presentations

For "Grass Roots Sports Clubs" at a "Grass Roots Price"



Pro Vote Sport is a professional Presentation designed to give maximum impact and simplicity to the counting, display and presentation of YOUR Clubs best and fairest or MVP vote count awards. It takes the hassle out of counting and collating votes, preparing leader-boards, Manual development of presentation slides, makes whiteboards obsolete and gives your local sporting champions the recognition they deserve. An engaging, professional and efficient vote count presentation will add immensely to the overall enjoyment and engagement of your members and guests at your clubs premier gala event and it could not be easier…

Built with the almost universal Microsoft Power Point software a ProVote Presentation is available to all, but don’t be fooled, ProVote is powerful and ProVote does it all.  

ProVote Sport Does it ALL

A simple spreadsheet is all that is required and as far as spreadsheets go it couldn’t be simpler.

Names and votes per round is all that is required and the base template is available here

Simply download the template, enter your team details and submit with your order,  Job Done.  Sit back and relax, ProVote Sport does the rest, within 2 business days you recieve a completed presentation via email that is ready to go.  Simply plug in your projector or big screen tv and play it.

All at a fraction of what you would expect to pay and potentially even FREE

As you would imagine many sporting clubs have their Vote Count Presentation nights around the same time of year.  To avoid dissapointment and to ensure you get your presentation in time it is important to pre register. Registration is completely free with no obligation to order and gives the staff at ProVote Sport the opportunity to prepare a stunning presentation for your club. Vote count data is not required for pre-registration but will be required should you decide to order at a later date.

Don't Delay, Register Today.